Quality Care for Your Smile

You have unique care needs.  Everyone at Jasper Avenue Dental understands and appreciates this. You will always be treated with respect, compassion, and empathy for the amazing person you are.

We believe in getting to know our patients on a personal level, building lasting relationships with each. The more Dr. Joe Lizotte, Dr. Hai Nguyen, and Dr. Wes Carlson know about your life and dental goals, the better they can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

A Welcoming, Safe Environment

Our doctors and team have created a dental office that’s warm and inviting. When you’re visiting us, you are our top priority. We want you to feel safe, comfortable, and at home during your visits. From the friendly greetings of our front desk staff to the coffee and tea station, as well as a kids play area in our reception area, ours is a space in which to relax.

We understand that some people have dental anxiety. Please be assured that we’ll never judge someone for their dental fears. Instead, we’ll actively listen to a person’s concerns. Then we’ll work with them, at a speed at which they’re comfortable, to help them overcome their worries. We’re here to support and encourage; we want you to have a healthy smile that you’re proud to share, and will work one-to-one with you to achieve it.

A Focus on Education

Everyone on our team strongly believes that optimal oral health is the cornerstone of overall wellness. Our team puts a lot of emphasis on patient education: we want you to understand why it’s important to keep your mouth healthy. We’ll give you the knowledge and tools to keep your smile looking its best.

Dental health goes beyond proper brushing and flossing. We’ll teach you about nutrition and how that affects your oral health, too. We’ll also help you end unhealthy habits and establish good ones in their place. Getting healthy takes time: we’d love to be your partners as you improve your body and smile health!

Customer Service

As a team, we promise to always:

  • Treat you professionally and compassionately
  • Provide ethical treatment in a welcoming atmosphere
  • Encourage your participation in improving your dental health
  • Be available when you need us, including after-hours and during holidays

Schedule a Visit

Please call to schedule a visit for yourself or a loved one at our Edmonton, AB dental office. The Jasper Avenue Dental doctors and team members look forward to getting to know you and your family. It’ll be our honor to help you attain the healthy and beautiful smile of your dreams!

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